Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Episode 8 - WTF Double blocker?

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Dan Blackburn rocking the double blocker
Mario looking like Captain Morgan (don't blink or you'll miss it).
Odgers vs Fedoruk Fight


  1. Good episode Ronnie and Jackie!!! Can't really say anything different about the top 3's....although I will mention that Brian Berard was one of maybe the only NHL'er to get caught doing steroids!

    Don't think an episode would work for the McDonald's cards in the regular fashion, but maybe get 2 or 3 people and split up the packs you have and then have a combined top 3 from all of the packs? Don't know.

  2. Legion of Doom was Eric Lindros, John LeClair, and Mikael Renberg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legion_of_Doom_(ice_hockey)

  3. J's pack. 1. Leclaire 2. Jagr 3. Kubina
    R's Pack. 1. Lemieux 2. Neidemeyer 3.Nabakov
    The McDonalds packs are a little small. Justin I really do think you need to have some more info on guys you just throw aside because you dont know anything about them. Maybe look them up after the show, then on the following episode post their cards up and tell us little bit about them ie:stats, where they played before they were called up?

  4. You guys get Hockey Cards at McDonalds??? WTF not fair. Though I think that promotion would fail badly where I live..

  5. Another good one...Top 3's are all good boys!

    Ronnie was correct about the Legion of Doom, as Recchi was traded away for Leclair (with a bunch of other players involved). Before that it was the crazy 8 line with Lindros, Recchi and Brent Fedyk.
    Good call on the Mario '87 Canada Cup goal....CLASSIC! Hence the 9966 in my name LOL.

    Dan McGillis drafted by the Wings baby! And dumped for Maltby

    Other tidbits: Nabokov has scored a goal (few years back) and I believe him picking up his play paved the way for them dumping Toskala. The other guy Ron was trying to think about at the draft that went 2nd was Redden. Then swapped for one another...weird. I believe it was be Hossa that hit Berard in the eye when he was with the Sens.

    Not sure about the McDonalds

  6. Great episode... I liked the outtake-type thing during the music... sort of like when the news anchors pretend to talk during the music. The production is getting pretty slick!

    Not sure how you could work the McDick's cards in...

  7. Another nice episode...

    Too bad u guys didn't wait until the end of the game as my Kings WON!

    Ya... maybe do a UStream with the Mickey-D packs... change things up...

    Keep it up...