Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Episode 12 - A new face

Thanks for watching. So who is it? Who is that one goalie that given the chance you would love to embarrass and score on? Leave your answer in the comments, and of course leave your 3 star selection for the packs.


08/09 Upper Deck Luke Schenn young guns rookie card

Ray Bourque wins the Cup


  1. Jason LaBarbera. Everyone scores on the breakaway against him.

  2. As a youngster, Grant Fuhr would have been a dream for me.

    Great Show!

  3. QOTD: Can't pick just one... either Grant Fuhr or Mike Vernon

  4. Great episode...

    Thomas Steen trivia: in this last federal election, he ran (and lost) for the Progressive Conservatives as a candidate.

    I'd love to shoot the roof out a-la Selanne after scoring on Patrick Roy...

  5. great show!
    I don't know if you picked up the idea from Gary Vee but I love hockey! Just try to make the show more excited and like Gary would do. Great stuff though!

  6. As my wife would say after watching..."it looks like you are chewin your cudd!"

    Had a good time Justin! Thanks for throwing in the off camera ending with me spanking it. :)

    As for the goalie...I would love to pot one on Roy, then smack him and his sons LOL.

  7. OH YA...btw people the camera adds 10 pounds AT LEAST hahahaha

  8. Great show and great comments about the cards. You are very honest about the not knowing who the person is or telling the truth like Rob Pearson is a meathead.

    The third star should be Premier cards for putting in a Rob DiMaio in every pack.

    The goalie I would like to score on is Ron Hextall. I would wear a Kent Nilsson jersey, punch it through the 5-hole and slash his pads. Check out Hextall on YouTube. He's nuts!

    BTW, there is a Hextall / Pearson fight posted. Enjoy!

  9. I just looked and McBain went 8th overall in '83 so I was a few years off, and Peason went 12th in '89, should have known by his jersey number. Oh well I was close :)

  10. Niiiice... and Dink was a great addition...

    For the break away, would have to be Patrick Roy... as a Kings fan, I hate that arrogant TWAT for his little winky-wink to Sandstrom in the 93 finals... great golaie, but a REAL dick!

  11. 3rd star - Larmer, and Beers (just cause his name is Beers)
    2nd star - Selanne and Luc
    1st star - Bourque and Mario

    No doubt about the breakaway, it's Hasek, flailing away like a trout on concrete in the middle of summer. What a douche!

    Anyway, yeah, good show...these shows are addictive