Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Episode 10 - Ragin' for double digits

Thanks for watching, be sure to let me know who the GREATEST player to ever wear #10 is/was. We also have a Facebook Page now, and a Facebook Group. Go join!


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Matt Stajan
A little Darby Hendrickson auto time
Wine Library TV w/ Gary Vaynerchuk


  1. Good show... but what was all the wigglin' about...? Too much Riesling...?

    Have to agree on Bure for #10...

    Keep up the great work... the shotgun beer is coming soon!

  2. SurfCityJay - I didn't realize how active I was until I watched it back. I have no explanation for it at all. We will go with drunk :)


  3. Great show! Absolutely love the intro...killer funny.
    Sorry boys...the best player to ever put on a sweater with the number 10 on it was none other than Gentleman Jean Ratelle. Like Bure, he scored over 100 points twice. Once for NYR and once for my beloved Bruins.

    Keep on rockin,Justin ;~))

  4. That's me Dana Fosburgh alias winwithvids. wasn't trying to confuse you or hide from my comments.LOL !!!

  5. Wow, a bunch of stiffs in that pack LOL

    Top 3:

    1. Morrison
    2. Woolley
    3. Grosek

    Sorry Justin but Darby does not crack my top 3. I respect that you like him, but you are right he did NOTHING special. I did love that you knew about Jamie Baker and the number thing. Never too much info about any of these guys. The more the better.
    I would love to put Stajan in here as I think he is a solid player now, and had a great Jr career for my hometown Belleville (not to mention making the world jr team)but I think it is too early for him. It won't take long to pass the likes of a Grosek though lol...another year or 2.

    As for the greatest player to ever wear number 10, while Bure is a nice choice and Ratelle even better...ya gotta go with Lafleur "the flower". As much as I hate the Habs, he was dynamite with over 550 career goals. He should have never come out of retirement mind you and his son should lay off the young ladies but what can ya do :)

    Ron Francis was also a great #10

    Looking forward to episode 11
    Cheers man!

  6. C'mon guys, the greatest #10 to ever play the game was "The Flower", Guy Lafleur. Stanley Cups, Goals and a bad ass hair do.

    Great show and good fun!

  7. LOVE the intro...that was epic. Hope GaryV gets to see it.

    with my limited knowledge of Hockey, I'd have to go with Bure as well - got to meet him in Spokane once when he was there watching his brother Valeri play with the Chiefs of the WHL. speaking of Valeri, even he's getting into the wine business! http://www.burefamilywines.com/

  8. Strawberry Reisling, strawberry reisling? I think maybe a quick trip to the beer store next time may be a good idea bro!
    As for the my pick for the greatest player to ever wear the number 10 jersey, I am going to have to go with a Toronto Maple Leaf believe it or not if you know me!
    Justin I am pretty sure I have his card aswell. Back in the R.J days. Anyhay keep up the good work. And for shit sakes...buy beer!

  9. Justin, I like that you are wearing a jersey now, cool improvement. Also the qotd relating to the episode # (my pick is also Bure). Actually, this is something missing from the espn.com or nhl.com, a player list sorted by numbers. I remember a Bucci-column years ago when he mentioned ordering a Neely starter and an Yzerman main course, meaning #8 and #19.

    Awesome card pick by your sponsor, never seen a ticket card before, must get one of those with Shanahan.

    One more thing, you should put a little blurp with "all about Justin", just so people can get to know you a bit better.

    Keep it up, great work.

  10. I agree with your top three and the #10... Nice show, I'll do my best Mott impression and "Link it Up" over on my site... nice show...

  11. #1- Morrison
    #2- Woolley
    #3- Nilson, strictly for the run to the Finals with the Flames.

    Where's the love for Gary Roberts? One of the best to ever wear #10.