Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Episode 11 - Go Canada!

Thanks for watching, be sure to let me know who you are cheering for for the upcoming World Junior Championship. And of course leave your 3 star selection for the pack.


07/08 Andrew Cogliano Sweet Shot #'d Rookie Card

The Daily Pack with Scott Williams
2007 Canada vs USA shootout, does it still sting?


  1. Another Solid episode Justin...and thanks for the Shout out! Much appreciated!

  2. Canada, of course... and love the appearance of the Breathe Right nasal strip guy!

  3. #1. Kariya
    #2. Ruutu (ok, so I'm biased... loved him as a Pen!)
    #3. Fernandez... Good net minder, although I think TT could carry the Bruins w/o Manny

    I'm rootin' for the Canadians... Hoping Espo shows everyone what he's capable of.. Hope the 4th time is a charm for the kid.. Plus I want Pens GM Shearo to be pissed he let the kid get away :)

  4. Another good show man!

    1) Kariya
    2) Scott Young
    3) Manny

    Zetterberg should have won that Calder, not Jackman BOOOO. :)

    As for Jrs...Always rootin' for our boys. Hope to see smiling P.K. Subban win another one!

  5. USA of course... and, I'm gonna try to do the Beer filming this Saturday... maybe via 12 seconds...

    Also, did you say 'SHE' as your special guest...? Can't wait...

    Keep up the great work...

  6. Sorry to break the format,but I give Paul Kariya all three stars. This guy almost had his career ended by Gary Suter and none other than Scott Stevens. I first started following Kariya when he was a Maine Black Bear.I know he screwed it up for you in the '94 Olympics, but he made up for it in '02.The only knock I have with the guy is that he was born in Canada. LOL !!!

    Keep up the hard work.It's great to see the new editions every time I check in !!!

  7. #1 Kariya
    #2 Manny Fernandez
    #3 someone else........maybe not Stiffler's Mom cuz the rest of that pack sucks just like Stiffler's Mom

    Canada baby!!! all the way, gonna be in tough this year though.