Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Episode 14 - Leaf Nation?

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

Thanks for watching! Make sure you leave your most memorable World Junior Championship memory in the comments. And of course let me know what your 3 star selection is for both packs.


07/08 OPC Carey Price Marquee Rookie Card


  1. Have another whiskey..you piss tank!

    Barrasso was 5th overall in '83, so I was wrong on that one.

    Wesley's first TWO goal game of his career was against Edmonton in '88 playoffs.

    Once again...had a blast Justin! Thanks for having me.

    My Jr moment was the one I said in the episode....John Slaney's goal in '91. That was awesome.

    How long b4 you and I start getting hate mail from Pearson, Murphy and Falloon. LOL

  2. Another great episode guys, you guys both work well together.

    As for Jr's Can vs USA last night (Dec/31/2008) was Awesome.


  3. Very cool show,keep it rollin boys.

  4. I agree with both of the top 3's....Thanks for the shout-out Justin. Funny story about Lindros...he got kicked out of a Clublink Golf Club because he was barefoot in the restaurant and refused to put his shoes on.....what is with the scary ass picture of Craig Ludwig on the card.....anywho...great show!

  5. I think it might be a bit more interesting if rather than comment on the players, you commented on the cards themselves and didnt' rank the cards based on the players' career/performance. It's a neat idea for a show, but I think the real allure of the cards is in the actual card ie the photos,the poses, the design, info, selection, errors etc.

  6. Sure some cards are neat but I say keep talking about the players. It is too funny. It is funny to hear some of those names again and hear some info or listen to you two carve them. How much can you really say about the actual card before I stop watching. I wouldn't want to listen to two guys talk about photos and the skill that went into taking them. I want hear about who is in the picture. A nice posed picture with a fancy border of a turd is still a turd.
    Enjoying the show!

  7. Bravo! 2 in one nite! you could tell ho much you drank by the length of the show... yakka-yakka-hey!

    Is Dink on Twitter...?

    Keep it going Justin...

  8. I think you might be able to do both, make fun of the terrible player and the card design/photos. I am not talking about analyzing the cards, but making fun of some of the terrible choices and poor foresight.

    Dixon Ward as a star rookie is a perfect example, he had a great rookie season, but save for one season, never again approached those numbers.

    I wasn't suggesting talking about nice poses and good photography, actually I meant the opposite, like that great "action" pose of Rob Blake. There's just some terrible stuff going on in those cards.

  9. There are some really cheesy looking cards in these packs, next episode is a perfect example. Some make you wonder if that was the only picture they had of a certain player.


  10. Cant argue with the top 3's

    Funny story about Falloon tho:
    I got his autograph the summer after he was drafted (btw right behind him - using a pick they got from the Leafs in the Kurvers trade - the Devils took Niedermayer) I went to a card show in toronto with my godfather, and at the time Pro Set had come out with their series, but the top 3 picks (Lindros, Falloon, and Niedermayer) hadnt agreed or signed off on the pics from draft day being used for the cards. Long story short (might be too late for that) those cards had to be pulled, and any that were out still went WAY up in value (til Falloon shit the bed - then his plummeted, the other 2 are still up there i think)
    Anyway, my godfather got me to try to get Falloon to sign the copy of that card that he had gotten in a pack and the jerk off wouldnt do it (how do you say no to an 11 year old kid?)
    So yeah, Falloon's an ass, but on the bright side, he also sucked ass.