Thursday, December 4, 2008

Episode 9 - A couple Sens...

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  1. Sorry buddy...gotta change your top 3 1)Hossa 2) Spezza 3) Jokinen.....if he ever had two decent players on his line he would light it up......good episode...nice freakin pack!

  2. Yo! Justin! Thanks for the shoutout... let me know what beer you'd like me to down... once I get these plugs out of my nose, I'll tape it and get it to you... those DAMN Leafs!

    Also, way to go in getting a sponsor! The more the better... GV info at work 4 U!

    Keep it up!

  3. Nice pack!

    I love that you think Detroit will repeat, and yes Hossa is having a good year so far, but I have to give the number 1 spot to Spezza even though i can't stand the Sens.

    He has lived up to the hype since he was 15 and when all is said and done I think he will have better numbers career wise (unless he has a soft head like Lindros hahaha). We will have to wait and see.
    Obviously Hossa number 2, and Jokinen number 3 (narrowly beating out Captain Canada).
    Funny both Hossa and Jokinen were taken in the first round of the '97 draft which has produced 5 or 6 awesome players.

    On a funny side note: I was looking at that draft and Justin your beloved Leafs really shit the bed. They didn't draft until 57th and took Jeff Farkas from the "where are they now" category. They did own the 4th pick but traded that rights to that a year earlier the Islanders earlier for Mr Wendel. That 4th overall pick ended up being Luongo. MAN THAT HURTS...OUCH!
    (sounds alot like draft pick for Tom Kurvers back in the day...that pick ended up being Scott Niedermayer OUCH!) Leafs have a history of trade and pick blunder!

    Congrats on the sponsor, and bring on some more episodes.

  4. Great job on the sponsor Justin! As for the top 3 I am going to have to flip yours around a little...
    1. Spezza 2. Smyth 3. Hossa.
    I like the hockey game on in the back!

  5. Great show, 1.Hossa, 2. Spezza, 3. Miller. I like the game in the back, too.