Friday, November 28, 2008

Episode 7 - Upper Deck

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Sebastien Caron HUGE save
Vote for the 2009 NHL All-star game.


  1. Nice show milked Ronnie into another episode....little tidbit I do believe Tony Amonte won some speed contests at NHL All-Star Games.....can't really say anything different about the top 3's....although I don't know if Steve Thomas would be a number one pick!

  2. Nice show... Love the UD cards... Guess you recorded B$ my Kings squeaked out the WIN against Ron's Oilers... he owes me a Shotgun of a beer, eh...?

    Keep up the god work Justin...

  3. Good show guys. My top 3. J's pack: 1.Amonte 2. Zhitnik 3.Markov R's pack: 1.Murray 2. Tanguay 3. Thomas. The players you dont know anything about, maybe you should have some sort of way of looking it up fast without slowing the pace of the show down?

  4. Good Job! forgot to mention that he had an filler role in the movie "Youngblood" along with Peter Zezel when they were Marlies..along with Pat S, Rob Lowe, and Keeanu ofcourse LOL.

    Other useless info :)... I do believe Glen Murray (besides having a decent career) while playing Junior for Sudbury hit Grant Marshall (leaf pick, NJ & Stars)from behind and broke his neck. I need to look into this but I am pretty sure it was him.

    I think Tanguay was a taken with a draft pick that Colorado got in either the Roy, or Lindros trade. Has to be Roy trade.

    Keep them coming Justin!