Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Episode 1 - Woof

Be sure to leave your comments on your top 3 players from this pack. Minus the barking dog I hope you enjoyed the first episode of hopefully many.



  1. Looking slick there buddy....nice addition of Mocha barking in the background.....I concur with your top three picks...there wasn't much to pick from that pack.....

    Top 3
    1) Super Mario
    2) Alex the Great
    3) Special Agent

  2. Jiri Slegr in first, Lemieux's a bum (jokes SJ! jokes!). But actually, on that note, I say you just rate the "normal" cards. If I remember right, you used to get one of those special/league leader type cards in every pack. Makes it kinda obvious (especially around that time) who to rank first.

    My top 3: Ditch the special card, move Mogilny and Bondra up a level and throw in Nelson Emerson. I was tempted to move Bondra up as he had some pretty good seasons, but Mogilny ended up averaging more than a point a game for the career and had a couple ridiculous seasons (76 goals/77 games in 92-93)

    Other suggestions:
    - Put up a graphic at the end of the show with the list of all the cards, with your top 3 marked.
    - Put up a graphic with what year/make of card you're opening once you've told us.
    - Any way to get a survey/poll up for each episode to tally votes on the top 3?

    Awesome job on the first episode buddy. Looking forward to some guest-hosting spots.

  3. Isn't the obvious choice for the top 3 cards in a pack the '3 stars of the night' ?

  4. Tony G. might deserve some love, but I pretty much concur on the Top 3...