Friday, November 21, 2008

Episode 6 - Who's the great one?

Thanks for watching, post your 3 stars in the comments below. And let me know who is better Mario Lemieux or Wayne Gretzky. We also have a Facebook Page now, check it out!


Kirk McClean Highlights
Vyacheslav Butsayev
Calder Cup winner Gary Suter


  1. Hey guys-nice Job !
    #3 Nielander
    #2 Graves
    #1 Lemieux
    Gretzky hands down-the man was magician and impossible to hate even though he killed my B's.
    Maybe you could have a laptop there to be able to quickly throw out some nuggets on the more obscure players. Just a thought.

  2. Another good show... at least you guys almost finished a 12 pack ;-)

    Who's better..? Any answer other than Gretzky is ludicrous...

  3. Another good show boys...much more comical with more beverages!

    Once again I agree with SurfCityJay when it comes to the Wayne/Mario debate.

    As for top 3:

    I have to say they are almost bang on for me!

    1. Simpson (2 cups...not a D-man though)
    2. Graves (2 cups)
    3. Nylander....still playing for the Caps and is a great set up man

    1. Mario (no brainer)
    2. Kirk (great stand up goaltender with a solid career)
    3. Suter (despite the fact the Sneaky Pete's brother Sylvain went 2 overall I would have to give it to Suter for the Calder, cup in Calgary and international career. Now in saying that he was a idiot. Hit Wayne from behind in the '91 cup and knocked him out of the tourny. Justin I think you are right about the hit on Kariya as well.)

    other FYI - Zamuner probably sounds familiar as he was picked for Team Canada at the '98 Olympics. What a joke. No wonder that team finished 4th. Plus Clarke gives the C to Lindros not Wayne, and they don't put Wayne in the shootout in the semi's. Instead Ray "target hittier" Bourque...WTF, anyway I am just ranting now.

    Also, I can't believe you guys do not remember the RUSS COURTNALL trade. I understand it is b4 your time but it is HANDS DOWN the worst trade in Leafs history. Gord Stellick is an idiot! Trade a young speedster with all kinds up upside straight up for a soon to be dead guy JOHN KORDIC. He was terrible. The Leafs needed toughness so they said to free up Wendal from fighting everyone. JUST AWFUL TRADE!

    Keep 'em coming....very enjoyable. Like I said...keep drinking :)

  4. Enjoyed it! Liked the buzz in the room.
    Good call on the "2nd most GTG for Rookies" stat. Meaningless.
    QOTD: Gretzky. Best player ever. (2nd: Orr)

  5. Gotta go with Wayner... good top 3s too.

  6. Adam Graves and Lemieux in the same pack. Graves slashed Lemieux's wrist in the 92 playoffs. Pitt won the cup but I will always hate Graves for that.

  7. Rob Zamuner took Messier's spot on the 1998 olympic team ... unbelievable.

    Lemieux is better. period.

    Top 3

  8. Tack on point for Matt, Lemieux was the leading scorer in those playoffs despite the broken wrist...

  9. Kirk McLean! That guy was the last great stand up goalie. After he retired, it was all butterfly.

    I'm surprised Gretz hasn't been pulled yet too!

  10. i don't know boys, a couple pretty good packs.

    #1 Suter (not dirty, but you're right about the Kariya hit)
    #2 Graves
    #3 Lemieux (over rated)

    Gretzky's better, no question. and Ovie blows Crosby out of the water over the next 15 years.