Friday, November 7, 2008

Episode 3 - Make it 76 ..maple..

Hope you enjoyed the episode, as always be sure to leave your top 3 in the comments below. This was a tough pack and I'm sure everyone wont be agreeing with them. So voice your opinion below.


Maple Frosted Wheaties
76 Goals as a Rookie
4 Stanley Cup Rings



    Dude! Another great show... keep up the great work...

    Only nit: If u have BEER, DRINK BEER... you pick it up only to put it down without a chug... get some BURP action going... ;-)


  2. 76 goals... you cannot deny Teemu! (But as a Winnipegger, I gotta go Teemu.)

    Essensa started quite a bit for the Jets for some time, but was definitely nothing special.

  3. Your top 3 this episode bang on!! wouldn't of changed a thing!

  4. i would have swapped teemu for shanny. i got a soft spot for the finnish flash. imagine his career if his knees weren't f'ed the entire time.