Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Episode 5 - Two is better than one

Let me know what your top 3 is in the comments. Just want to thank Ron once more for hanging out and shooting an episode with me. Hope everyone enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

May Day!!

Fleury's Concrete Coatings
Vladimir Konstantinov Wiki


  1. spangler cup takes heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, well, well...I must say the extra host is not a bad touch at all. Put me down for an episode! Top 3 for Ronnie's deck 1.Luc Robitaille 2.Teemu Selanne 3.Jarmir Jagr...never a fan of him reminds me of my baby crying. As for Justin's deck. 1.Vladmir Konstantinov #16, injured in a automobile accident (after winning the Stanley Cup)coming back from a charity golf tournment.Drvier had to much to drink. He was one of the Russian 5 for Detroit Red Wings. His nicknam being VLAD The Impaler for his crushing hits on the ice. Would still be a Red Wing today and Assistant Captain to Lidstrom if not for the unfortunate accident. 2.Grant Fuhr. 3.Theo Fleury

  3. Dude! Great show... nice w/ the guest host...

    As a LIFELONG and ALWAYS suffering King's fan, I must point out some stats for Luuuuuuuuuuc, who should've been #1 in my Opinion...:

    Played with the Kings, Pens, Rangers and Wings, where he won a CUP... Retired as the ALL-TIME leading Left-Wing Goal and Points scorer... as well as 8 All-Star Games on the way to his FIRST BALLOT HOF Career...

    Keep it up... and get some Upper Dek going, will ya...?

  4. I just have a comment about the audio during your show. I think someone was playing with the foil from the cards because thats all I could hear the whole time almost. Just something to think about. Also, I love having the cards pop up in the middle. Very good job. Keep up the good work.

  5. Come on now Justin...you should know that Greg Gilbert is the head coach of the Toronto Marlies! Good show, nice guest host....Ronnie nice showing, Justin must have fed you beers to get you to do the show. I would agree with both top 3's.......You forgot to mention when you got the Jagr card about his Peanut Butter....SJ will kill you for forgetting that.....all in all good show!

  6. Vladdy should have been in the top 3. He was an amazing playing with a tragic story. I'm suprised you didn't know much about him since he was a force for the Wings back then.

  7. Good stuff, guys, enjoyed the ep.

  8. Once again pretty entertaining, really should have more guest appearances by the cat but thats just me.

    I do have to comment on a few things:

    If you are an Oiler fan you would think Aug. 9th/88 would stick in your brain. I am a Wings fan, but a huge Wayne fan so it does for me. One of those "remember where you were" when you heard of the trade. Now, with that said you would know that when Charlie Huddy left after the '91 season this is not the same as '88. Not even close as there was another cup in there for the Oilers. Perhaps the most impressive as they did without Wayne (the Petr Klima goal and helmet were not impressive haha). Also Huddy is now one of the Oilers assistant coaches I do believe.

    As for the top 3:

    1. Fuhr (hof, 5 cups, 1 or 2mvezinas and yes, plenty of blow to keep him going)

    2. Fleury (I still think his career took a crap as he too was molested when Shelden Kennedy was by Graham James...not sure if he has admitted this or not)

    3. Vlad K (who knows what he would have done if the limo driver wasn't juiced)

    1. Jagr (2 cups, 5 or 6 art ross trophies, and maybe a hart trophy..not sure about that one, for sure no heart! HA)

    2. Luc (see above SurfCityJay...good points man. They said he couldn't skate but he sure could score. Then he comes over to help my wings get another cup in '02 Sweeeeeet)

    3. Selanne (great rookie year which cost me a hockey pool win in 92/93)

    FYI - Dave Reid is also a former leaf and now on the NHL network, and Audette hasn't played since the lockout but I don't want to knit pick.

    Overall good job Justin, keep up the good work.

  9. I saw Uwe Krupp this year at an exhibition game against "team canada" (i.e. all the canadians playing in Germany). He coaches the German national team and is their big hockey hero ... didn't he also have a dogsled accident and the Wings sued him for the insurance ... he also scored a cup winning goal with Colorado ... the point is I know way too much about Uwe.