Thursday, April 2, 2009

Episode 27 - Signed, Sealed and Sedins

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

More awesome cards, and really stellar players. Too bad most of them were or are Flyers ;) The giveaway/contest is still in the works but will be announced and run through the Facebook Fan Page, so go become a fan for you chance to win!


82/83 Ron Francis OPC Rookie Card

David Aebischer is working for Lugano's (Great Pizza)
Martin Biron doing his thing...


  1. HEY HEY from Florida boys! The Bahamas is over and now it is the Keys WOOHOO! Guess who caught a 32 inch King Mackerel this morning?? BOOYA!

    Justin, you guys managed to keep the show short, good job. I guess the problem is my constant ramblings of useless info hahahaha...or the old pack with 15 players in a pack.

    I am not sure I would have put Cheech in the top 3 (even though he was a former Belleville Bull...never fails, I get it in even when I am not on), probably would have went with Rod or Richards (but that is just me)

    Speaking of Bulls, Spezza was for a short period (came over from Windsor for Wellwood)

    That Lidstrom card is SWEEEEEEEEEET!, as is the Flyers signed card.

    Ron I hope the Oilers get in, and that Justin never wears that shirt again LOL (did you buy that off BEN?)
    I guess it won't matter what you wear now that you will have a "BIG PACKAGE" ...classic Kerri "finally" LMAO

    Off to enjoy the sun...see ya soon!

    btw - I bought a few packs of cards down here for cheap.

  2. Great show, as usual - I think the Sedin autos are some sort of clue, try reading them while holding them up to a mirror.

  3. I thought you would get a kick out of the Lidstrom card Dink...

    That Sedin auto is ridiculous, maybe that is his license plate??


  4. Tobe Moses MaloneApril 4, 2009 at 1:11 AM

    Langway's card should have come with some moustache hairs. That would have been sweet! check google for some pics if you don't remember it.
    Gotta go Lidstrom, Langway, and the Philly signed card for the 3 stars.

  5. That Sedin card was awesome. Keep up the great work. Some how I'd like to see you incorporate a beer bong into the show.


  6. A beer bong eh! Wowzers, that could get sloppy!

    I wish my brain had worked a little better for this episode as the Sedin's deserved a bit of praise other than Ron and I drooling LOL

    Toby: That stache was stachetastic!


  7. Great show.. nice to see Ron again...

    Can't wait for the contest...


  8. No respect for the Jets, Dink... that hurts.

  9. Nice show - short and sweet! Ouch for the "package" comment from Kerri.... But I did love the dog leaping across the frame (or was that the cat?) Those cards look amazing, very sharp.