Thursday, April 9, 2009

Episode 28 - Bahama Mamma

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

Big thanks and congrats to Everett Duke for his winning spoof video, you can check him out on twitter. The giveaway/contest is still on! Check out the Facebook Fan Page, and go become a fan for your chance to win! Make sure to leave your 3 star selection in the comments. You can now see all the cards from this and future episodes here, and leave your own stories.



Nash vs. Oshie Part 1
Nash vs. Oshie Part 2


  1. Another great show guys. Really like the new card scans. I knew who Abdelkader was, but only because when you are a Thrashers fan you tend to follow prospects and the draft a little bit closer than if your team is a contender.

  2. I like the new card scans and how they are posted on Facebook. Excellent touch. I've got a fever and the prescription is more DeJesus Christo

  3. Jarret Stoll is engaged to Rachel "Stacy's Mom" Hunter. Sloppy seconds indeed...

    This show actually made me laugh out loud. Unfortunately I had a sip of Jameson in my mouth at the time. Therefore I expect a check for $4.50 American STAT!


  4. Like the scans... you guys also had a lot of former Jets today: Hull, Ducky and Khabibulin. (BTW, Dink, there's a card in the Masterpieces set w/Ducky holding the Calder.) I love the texture on those cards and the Lord of the Rings style font around the outside. Killer cards - I get the feeling they were really created to dudes of our age range that grew up in the late '70s/early '80s watching hockey. And I'm all over 'em like stink on a monkey.

    Oh, and I dropped $30+ on a pack of those SP Game Used packs or whatever they're called and I got a Mike freaking Peca jersey card from Columbus. Plus some obscure Thrasher rookie. SUPER BOO.

  5. Ben,

    I think that Dink is in love with the Masterpieces cards, they are really slick looking and feeling, and of course it's all "non bum" cards so that is nice.

    Ahhh man of all the jersey cards to get, shitty buzz.


    Stacey's mom's got it going on....sorry about the spit take :)

    Thanks guys,


  6. Great show, as always... the new SCANS are better...

    As usual, I'll be watching the playoffs from afar as my KINGS, well, enough said...


  7. Nice (lightning) show. Good to have you back Dink, tanned and all. Shout out for Messier b/c he just rocks (dumb commercials aside). Love those masterpiece cards!