Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Episode 29 - Bud the spud...

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

The playoffs are here!! WOOO Take a look at all my picks for the first round. The giveaway/contest is still on! Check out the Facebook Fan Page, and go become a fan for your chance to win! Make sure to leave your 3 star selection in the comments. You can now see all the cards from this and future episodes here, and leave your own stories. You can get one of nice shirts we were wearing here

07/08 Sam Gagner SP Authentic Autographed Rookie Card

Rob Ray Filling Some Fool on the Bench.
Rick Nash's Insane Goal


  1. Dropped the ball on Timonen. 40+ pts every year since '01-02. Should have known that...sorry guys. For some reason this guy has not been on my radar AND he has been an allstar 3 or 4 times. Perhaps it was the playing in Europe, then Nashville???

    As for Modry...he played in Europe this past season.

    Justin's NEWFIE voice is excellent!

  2. Good show guys! Never saw the comparison to Lang & Tucker before...Classic. Wish the Habs had Lang last night. :-)

  3. After seeing them side by side its crazy how much they look a least I think.

    Poor Habs...


  4. I wish we all could forget about "Slowdry" and the time he spent in Atlanta. We have a history of having defensemen who skate as well as traffic cones. Colby Armstrong may be one of the best personalities in the NHL, but it goes unnoticed since he is a Thrasher. Case in point, here he is interviewing a teammate ( Anyways, great show, love the bash master card. Some of the subsets of cards, like that one, are completely ridiculous.

  5. "Sorry Kings fan". That was cold, Dink.

    Jonathan Bernier is still highly touted and has been acceptable in the AHL this year but has an uphill battle now that Quick has seized the reigns. Out of all the goaltenders in our system, I still think Bernier is the most talented.

    I never realized how Tucker & Lang look like friggin' twins!

  6. Guess this makes me the OTHER King's fan (YO! KingCast!)

    Nothing more to add on Bernier... enough said...

    SUGGESTION: Open the pack but DO NOT LOOK at the cards... that you're just as surprised as us when you see the draw...