Thursday, March 26, 2009

Episode 26 - Burps, Goalies and Shots!

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

Probably the best cards in both players and quality we have had on the show. Thanks for hanging out with us, make sure you leave your 3 star selection in the comments. And if you are in to prizes be sure to tweet me the answer ;) New to twitter?? Check it out here.


08/09 Henrik Zetterberg Black Diamond Quad Jersey Card


  1. Good show boys...those shots of Vodka looked rough. Justin did you forget to serve it chilled, there is nothing worse than warm vodka. Can't say to much about the episode, those were some sweet cards, only a couple of duds.

  2. Strangely enough, I actually want to do a shot of that vodka just to see what it tastes like. That second box of cards was just too sick - i wouldn't want to see just those every episode, because Tommy and I like to see the 'obscure' players as well. So Dinkwood moves from the greatest Penguin trade of all time (Francis) to possibly the worst Pens trade EVER (although the Jagr to the Caps for a bag of pucks was pretty bad)! Thanks for that humbling shout out. Keep up the awesome work, boys - love the move to Viddler as well.

  3. Awesome show Guys... Justin.. get some GOOD booze, will ya...? Don't want to see you and Dink bite-the-big-one on film..

    Also, check your shorts, cuz those cards were sooo awesome, that little-O might of messed them up! ;-)