Thursday, March 5, 2009

Episode 20 - It's ALIVE! Cheers to that!

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

We go back in time this week and check out an episode that was a damn hoot to shoot. Hope you enjoyed it. It was fun having "an audience" too. Don't forget to enter the McDonald's NHL Star Helmet giveaway for your chance to win a set of helmets and a McDonald's gift card, it is super easy and we expected some really awesome submissions.


08/09 Steve Mason Upper Deck Trilogy Rookie Numbered Card

Here is Ben's beer chug - GO LEAFS!
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"Live" view from the Qik cam
"Live" view from the Qik cam 2


  1. Cazy fun shooting this episode, Kerri and her brother and wife were off to the side and were happy to push us to the bottle :)


  2. Oh my good episode yet...I think you found the secret to the show, just get absolutely shit-faced while shooting it.

    One of my only memories of Rob Pearson was his infamous commercial for United Furniture Warehouse when he was with the Leafs...and you could totally tell he was reading from cue cards as you could see not just his eyes but his whole head moving left to right as he said his lines.....ranks right up there with Wendel Clark's commercial for Literacy "Good book eh!"

    What is with Terry Yake's attempt at blocking a shot in his picture on the he blocking a shot or performing river dance?

  3. Awesome as always... I still owe Dink some film... and boy, I sure hope he took a cab home or crashed at your place, cuz he was on FIRE!

    keep up the great work!

  4. Best episode hands down. We know exactly how you feel when a show gets to it's drunken stage as we experienced with our episode 1a. I almost think a shot should be taken every time Dink mentions the Ronnie Francis to Pittsburgh trade, I think it gets mentioned every other episode. Congrats, guys - keep up the great work!

  5. Was i mentioned? I am the swedish follower! Unfortunately my computer just locked up and the text previously in this spot was lost wich of course always is a very fun experience. But i'm not gonna try rewrite it exactly.
    Mikael Andersson came home to my hometown team in 2001 or something and as a captain led us to the swedish championship in 2003 and then retired. We had a civilized kind of riot on the bouleward here the following day. Andersson also played in the Canada Cup and in the 1996 World Cup where we lost tightly in the semis versus ol Canada.

  6. LOL...John you are right, that trade has come up a few times. Not being a fan of either of those teams (did the Whalers have any fans ???) for some reason it is stuck in the brain forever. I am sure as a Pens fan you must remember it well too. Saw your episode 1a and had a good laugh. Looking forward to more... are the Swedish follower. Thanks for the info, I knew you wouldn't let us down man.
    Hey Canada beat the Swedes...that sounds familiar ;)

    Ian, that commercial was hilarious.
    It is no joke, Pearson is one dumb dude. Nice enough guy, but a complete cement head...or at least he was in highschool. I sat and drank with him and a couple of his fellow Bulls for hours one night at a party when he was fairly new to Belleville. Then on the monday at school I was talking to the other 2 guys and he comes up and introduces himself to me. The 2 teammates break out laughing..."c'mon Pearson, you don't remember DINK, how the fuck do you forget a name like that? We partied with him all night Sat. you dumbass"...then a year later we have a class together and friend of mine says across the room "hey DINK"...and Pearson says out loud, cuz he is 4 seats away from me "DINK, where do I know that name from"...TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE...but TOTALLY TRUE. HILARIOUS!

    Jay, I crashed way I could drive. Did sots all night and was a complete waste of space on Sunday :)

    As for this episode in was good fun!
    Amazing that DiMaio came up when we were already doing random shots. He is currently scouting for the Blues ???
    How do you get 2 cards (felix) of the same player in the same pack? That is just f'n weird!

    That Andrew Cassels/Andrew Brunette was a nice one by me for sure...what a dolt! Looking forward to seeing the episode #24 that will be up next week. (SPOILER) If I remember correctly I give Rick Vaive his due, and Justin and I each fire off a Wayne story (no bedrooms lol).

    Glad you managed to save this one Justin, sweet job as always!


  7. Oh,it's March 7th!!!! Happy B-Day, Dink! See? I WAS listenting!

  8. Fantastic - best episode yet! You shoulda gave #1 star to NEIL - that hair is sooooo hot. Happy Belated Birthday Dink!

  9. I just watched this ep again after watching 35... CLASSIC.