Thursday, March 19, 2009

Episode 25 - The Superstar shows his face...

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

We finally get "The Superstar" in this episode and I do a beer chug for Sydney and Mark. Be sure to check them out on twitter. Leave your answer in the comments too, in a street fight who would win, Pat Burns (circa 92-94) OR Brian Burke (right now)? Thanks for watching!


08/09 Steven Stamkos Upper Deck Black Diamond Rookie

Ken Baumgartner's Mr. Sub Commercial!


  1. Congrats! Show # 2-5!!! Way to go.. keep it going!

    Ahh.. the Triple Crown Line... great memories...

    QOTD: Burns

  2. Wow, gettin' some love on the show. Thanks, boys. Ironically we filmed our newest episode last evening and the shirt we're giving away is a gretzky shirt - the kicker is, it's also a medium. However, also sent a XL shirt in a different style, which we'll review in episode four - and Dink, there will not be a giveaway for this one, it's automatically yours. That's how we roll. Anyways, keep up the great show, guys!

  3. Tough on the Habs this episode fellas. Show some love & respect :-) for the greatest team in NHL history.

    Good show and love the "sun in" comment for Big E. :-)

  4. Roenick TV star. Check him out on Ghost Whisperer.

    Great show. Keep it up for another 25!

  5. Lots of quirky trivia on this one boys - love it! The sun-in comment made me giggle too... ;-) Nice show, keep it up.