Thursday, February 26, 2009

Episode 23 - The Return of Dink

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

Hope you enjoyed the show, Darrin and I crack open some new and old cards for the show, and both are packed with mostly bums. Check out the McDonald's NHL Star Helmet giveaway for your chance to win a set of helmets and a McDonald's gift card, it is super easy and we expected some really awesome submissions.


96/97 Wayne Gretzky Gold Version Vanity Plate Card

National Hockey Card Day video fun!!


  1. God, those are some ugly O Pee Chee Cards. Hey Darren nice ghetto style walking in public rye and coke, Justin to cheap to give you a real glass? Can't say to much else, good show, agree with the three stars as there wasn't much else to choose from.

  2. Straka in Europe...duh!!!

    Ya, Ian...the cheap prick made me drink out of that thing all night LOL. I guess he is saving his money for another box of shit cards, and a new computer power cord (thanks to Mocha hahahaha).

  3. A little mellow for this one, eh? Dink, you nursing there Bro..?

    Ya.. Huet was a BOMB in LA...

    Kings 2-Nite vs Wings... gotta bear riding on this... they better win...!

  4. Nice helmets! You should check out the McDonalds hockey quiz.

  5. Good to see you back Dink. Looking forward to going back for epi. 20! No more flinging cards???? :-( Bad dog.