Thursday, February 5, 2009

Episode 19 - Ya like that?!

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

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05/06 Dion Phaneuf SP Game Used Numbered Rookie Card

****Hockey Buzz TV Special Episode****


  1. "Who says Paul Ranheim's shot can't break a pane of glass?"
    -Rock'em Sock'em 2... I think

    Mason for the Calder, make that the Vezina too!

  2. Rookie, I am going with Bobby Ryan. I think Mason is the front runner right now, but will cool off (to many games for a young guy). Funny we just finished episode #7 for THZ TV and we talk top rookies. :-)

  3. Hey Guys, Dink here from work again:

    I forgot to mention Shanny playing in St. Louis (he was signed as a restricted free agent and compensation to NJ was Scott Stevens). I believe the Blues had offered Rod the bod, and Cujo...but they had to give up Stevens.
    Shanny was also traded to the Whalers for Pronger I think.

    Lafontaine played Jr in Verdun...DUH?

    Oh well, can't remember everything.

    I am glad Justin cut out my pelvic thrusting I was doing right b4 I said "how do you like that" What a loser!! LOL

    I hope Mason holds on for the rest of the year so he can win the Calder.


  4. Great show once again, boys.

  5. Fine form guys.. especially Dink.. Wisers, eh...?

    Thanks for the shout-out... I remember Kasper... quick dude...

    Show 20 coming up.. gotta make is SPECIAL!

  6. That was refreshing...great Job again, Hey "Dink" I want that shit man.

  7. Great show! Loved the ending...Dink you are awesome!

  8. Great show. I am going with Bobby Ryan for Rookie of the year. Nothing taken off Mason though! Looking forward to episode 20! good luck with the commercial dude!

  9. Jimmy the "bruins_nut"February 6, 2009 at 3:07 PM

    Justin this one is easy for me but i am a little biased but i am going with one of my big bad bruins!!! BLAKE WHEELER

  10. I say Bobby Ryan (if Teemu doesn't takke all his ice time now that he's back) for Calder and ditch Hull for Pat LaFontaine! (only 'cause I hate the guy)

  11. Other than Lidstrom last year winning the cup as Captain, who if anyone was the last european captain to win a cup?

    Here's my question an episodee behind.

  12. Bobby Ryan!! Love the 'outtakes'/post show rant.

  13. Great show boys, loved the ending :-)

  14. Paul G aka HuskerDu2April 29, 2010 at 1:22 AM

    I know this was a LONG time ago.....but when you got Kudelski, you might have been thinking of Mike Krushelnyski (who played with the Leafs)