Thursday, January 29, 2009

Episode 18 - A bet is a bet

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

Thanks for watching. Jim and Adrian I hope you enjoyed seeing me fulfill my end of the bet. We will have to do it again, that game was way to close not to. So lets hear it, what is your best trivia question, leave it in the comments. Oh and a new bet has been placed with Ben in Winnipeg - Montreal vs. Toronto Feb 7th! CHEERS!


06/07 Evgeni Malkin Upper Deck Victory Rookie Card

****Hockey Buzz TV Special Episode****


  1. Hi there,

    Great episode, can the dog host the show next time? ;-)


  2. CLASSIC!!! especially seeing the guzzle in slow-mo at the end...

    I suck at Trivia, so nothing here...

    Loved the shout out for Frolov... a STUD!!!

    Like Dink said, al we need is a goalie... sigh....

  3. Great show boys!!!

    Love the chug, love the Manny Fernandez... love the love! :)

    My fav trivia question (which you boys might already know) is:

    Which brothers have combined for the most total points in NHL history? Seems to stump a lot of people at parties...

    Great slow mo action there at the end also...


  4. I'll post another question that I sent out from Twitter.

    Who leads in points per game average for active players with over 1000 penalty minutes?


  5. Good show...tremendous ending !!! Loved the slo-mo chugcam.LOL

    Don't have a trivia question off the top of my head, but in keeping with Adrian's trivia question,I wonder who holds the record for most points by a family, in the NHL ?


  6. If my memory is right I believe the answer to Adrian's Q is VERY one lopsided :)


  7. Awesome show guys! My guess is Wendel Young without any research Dink. Pretty sure Walker is in Carolina now.

    Love the slow mo chug, but even better was the belch :-)

    I like trying to answer Trivia instead of asking the question, but who did the Montreal Canadiens select first overall instead of Denis Savard?

    And is it not the Kostitsyn brothers who have the most points, WTF? :-)

  8. Amazing show.....Dink's slo-mo laugh at the end quite creepy! I would agree with the top 3's in both packs, although you have to give 2nd star to Theodore....I've never liked him but you got to respect the Hart Trophy he won. I've always been better at answering trivia over asking the questions. Was it Lafontaine who was the first American to score 50 goals in a season? The Gretzky brothers (Wayne and Brett) who hold the record for most points and I would think if it is not the Sutter Family who hold the record for most points it would have to be the Gretzky's.

  9. Best show yet!! Looking forward to next week...

  10. Hey guys!

    Glad you liked the episode...much better than the sober one we filmed for The Hockey Buzz, and much better cards too :) nailed it W. Young is the answer. NICE! He won the Mem. Cup here in Kitchener in '82 with MacInnis, Stevens, and Bellows. Won the Stanley as a back up with the Pens on both 91 & 92...or maybe just one. Have to look that up as I am thinking the Apostle Frank Pieterangelo was there backing up Tommy B for one. Not sure who he won with in the I or A, and really don't care HAHAHAHA.

    As for you question: the habs took Doug Wickenheiser (spelling?) I cannot be stumped on first overall picks since '69 [I am throwing that out there HAHAHAHA...but it is true:)]TERRIBLE PICK! What were the Habs thinking! If it wasn't for Brian Lawton or Patrick would be easily the worst first pick ever in my opinion.

    Ian, Lalalalala..Lafontaine is a good guess, but not correct. I am glad you knew I was talking about in a season cuz I don't think I said it in the episode. Your other answers I do believe are correct Brent and Wayne passed the Sutters or Hulls with Brent getting just one and the rest was all WAYNE, all the time LOL.
    I think the Sutters have to be the family record, shit their were 6 of them. They say Gary (the other brother) was the best one but chose not to play...Weird! I think he won the lottery with a bunch of people a few years back. That is HILARIOUS. People probably bugged him for years then he hits the jackpot.

    The creepy laugh is how I am going to laugh from now on.

    Looking forward to next week's show, cuz I can only remember tidbits of who we had or what we say right after each show is done. Can remember the drafts, but not 10 mins. ago...damn pot LOL

    Anyhoo, this has been way too long..Cheers all :)

  11. Btw - Jochen Hecht...pronunciated HESHT, but way more fun to say HECCCTT
    Sorry Germans...don't get your gich in a knot :) Some people say my last name Reynolds...RAYNALDS LOL

  12. Good show justin.

  13. Great show guys! Some great moments during the show. I didn't see the DiMaio Fireball shot on the table. Here's to hoping there is another DiMaio card.

    Here's a trivia question for you. Name the only NHL franchise that never played an NHL game. This team folded quicker than the California Golden Seals.

  14. Guys,

    Best show ever done!!

    Loved the slo mo at the end, and the audio was grotesquely necessary!! Awesome!!!

    I have one that stumps most fans: Who was the first player in the NHL to record single-season a plus-minus mark of +120 or more?

    Hint: there were two of them in the same season, and niether one was Gretzky (sorry Dink)

  15. Hey guys...this is Dink again! I am at work so it doesn't show up as me.

    To the last question I am pretty sure one is Orr. I didn'know there were 2 guys that did it in the same I would guess a teammate. How about Espo? ???

    As for Justin's question from the episode. The answer is Mike Gartner. Most games without playing in the final. I guessed it that night after we turned off the camera.

    As for mine..1st American born player to pot 50 in a season. The answer is: Bobby Carpenter
    Scored 53 in 84-85. He also is the first american drafted out of high school & the first american player picked in the top 5 at the draft.
    Bobby is Mr. 1sts for the US :)
    In the 14 seasons he played following the 53 goal year, he never hit 30 and broke the 20 mark 3 times. WEIRD!!!

    I have no clue, and would have to research the franchise question.

    Cheers! I love this shit (the game, the trivia...not working on a Saturday lol)

  16. LOVE the slo-mo!
    My question is; Obviously there are several (many) replica Stanley cups floating around out there (theres always one at the HHoF) How can you pick out the real one if you ever saw it? Hint - Theres 2 discernable features on the real one that arent on the replicas.
    I shouldve known it was Gartner, im pretty sure you mentioned it a couple episodes back when you got him in a pack.
    Justin, i completely agree with you on the Mike Johnson thing, it was a very sad day when he left the Leafs. Even worse when McCauley (had he stayed healthy, i think he wouldve ended up winning a selke) and Boyes got shipped out for Owen Nolan. Brutal deal.
    Not sure if he's playing in the Russian Super League now.
    Niko is Sami's brother. (i know my Finns) Niemenen did a stint in Calgary too I believe.
    Recchi was in Carolina for their cup, and Cole did play 2 or 3 in the finals (I won cash in a pool that year cos of those 2 HAHAHA)
    I think i saw Scott Walker on the side of a milk carton.
    Alex "I want to be an actor" Daigle has to be up there in the Shit-tastic 1st overall picks with Stefan.
    I think Ovie is going to pass Malkin on the last day of the season (and the Pens will miss the playoffs - again, HAHAHA) 2nd straight MVP for AO. I loved his bit at the skills competition, its about time someone used props. Getzlaf had the nicest move tho.
    Im pretty sure the +/- was Orr and Espo, with Orr taking it at a record either 124 or 128 (I remember one of the early Rock em sock em vids, #3 maybe, Cherry was going on about Orr and it said 128, but i actually looked this up a few weeks ago and it was 124 on No idea what Espo ended up at, but he was up there too.

  17. I'd guess Marcel Dionne to top the most games/no final list.

  18. solid show, i like the hecht pick. too bad he is injured now.

    (remember when he lead the blues in playoff points one year)

    cheers dink