Thursday, January 15, 2009

Episode 16 - A 3-some on a couch

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the episode. As you can tell we had a great time (drunk time) doing this one, please let us know what you think is the greatest record that Wayne Gretzky holds. Just try to ignore the dog, I'm sorry about that.


05/06 Cam Ward Two Colour Autographed Jersey Rookie Card

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  1. You three were on FIRE... speaking of, give the pup a little of that Fireball b4 the next episode and that should take care of the barking... ;-)

    Bummer the Leafs and Kings don't play again this season... no chance for some payback... oh well...

    As for Gretzky... 92 goals in a season... will never be broken...

    Keep up the great work... looking forward to the next episode...

  2. Wow...
    Amazing cards on this epi. Gretky woooooooosh.
    I would have to say that his greatest accomplishment would have to be accumulating over 100 assists for 11 years in a row. Not 100 pts for 11 years in a row...100 assists for 11 years in a row or wait... maybe over 200 points 4 different times or wait... on and on and on. Great show guys.

  3. Thanks for stopping by everyone, and thanks again to Jay for throwing one back and coming through on the bet.

    I'm working on the dog :S


  4. Great show guys! As a female fan of the show, I have to say that Darrin is just so cute... and has so much information!

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  5. From Copenhagen at 9:20pm, despite what the counter may tell you...
    I threw one back with Jay so he'd have some company. Any chance of getting the show on podcast so I can take it on the road?

  6. hefeweizen beer good choice

  7. steve konroyd was red wing for a bit i am surprised you missed that darren.

  8. Great show! I couldnt believe the pack that Darren got. It was funny that you had just talked about hextall beating down Chelios, then the next card ends up being Chelli.
    Waynes most impressive record? Most games in those ugly St Louis jerseys without vomiting. Or maybe the 215 points. Nah, 50 in 39. No no, 92 in a season...
    3 words; Most. points. ever.
    Ill be surprised if anyone ever hits 2000 in their career, let alone get anywhere near his total.
    Carle did go in the Downie trade from Tampa. They had picked him up in the Boyle deal from San Jose. Has TB made a trade anytime since these new owners took over and not gotten completely fleeced in the deal?
    Geoff (who spells Jeff that way anyway?) Courtnall went from Van city to St Lou in the Momesso deal, you had the rest of the guys right tho i think.
    Looking forward to the next DiMaio card.

  9. LOL...yes anonymous you are right. He (Konroyd)did play for the Wings (25 games) sorry I missed that...not much of a stint. Funny little tidbit, he was then traded to Ottawa for Daniel Berthieume (another card from that pack). Hard to remember everything in the 5 seconds you have to think about it. He also had 2 larger stints for NYI and the Flames that I should have mentioned. Oh well :)

    As for the other anonymous who thinks I am cute Thank you. I am not sure talking about other dudes (or bedrooms) makes me desirable hahaha...but I will take it. :)

    I got a few personal emails already for choosing Turgeon over Oates and Chelios (both of whom have wore a Wings jersey). Sorry guys it is just a personal choice for me. I like Turgeon. Soft, yet very skilled early in his career. Oates was great NO DOUBT (and I should have mentioned he is like best buds with Mike Weir and I think he was also a judge on some talent or beauty contestant but whatever hahaha.
    As for Chelios..he has had a long and great career but I still like Turgeon better as a player. Just me. Chelly is for more colorful mind of the best quotes ever was during the '94 strike "If I were Gary Bettman I would be worried about my family" hahaha. Then he ripped himi again during the lockout Classic!

    Overall I think this latest episode went well. We may have to snuff Justin's dog out for future work. Thanks for the comments!
    I said my Wayne moment 50 in 39, but SurfCity those 92 goals will be very very tough to break.

  10. James...good call on the Blues jerseys. Shit that made me laugh.

    I agree about TB too! Those guys might as well fold up now. What will they get for Lecavalier?? A bag of pucks and a couple of water bottles??

  11. Great show...Justin you had your drunk face working! Wow, Mark Stall, will become a trivia question in years to come of who Alexander "Slappy Animal" Semin fought! Finally got a Gretzky card.....have to say 50 goals in 39 games is probably the best record that hasn't been mentioned yet. Agree with the top 3's!

  12. Great show boys... are you sure Dink didn't pre package that package before the show or what??? Pretty sweet players!

    I agree with comment above about "firing" some fireball into that poor puppy! lol


  13. Great show guys. I would say all of the Great Ones records are amazing, but one unique one, which I don't think was mentioned is he scored more then a 1000 points for two teams. The Oilers and the Kings! I don't think anyone else has done that

  14. Wow - every episode just keeps getting better and better. Good job, fellas.

    92 goals for Wayner has to be tops for me.

  15. Great episode guys! Keep them coming!

    A Gretzky record that won't be broken in my lifetime will be 4 x 200+ point seasons.

    Don't be too upset by the checklist in the pack. To card collectors these checklists are more important and cost more than some of the cards in the pack. Who wants another DiMaio card? I want to know which cards I need to complete the set.

    Keep the DiMaio drinking game won't be long!

  16. TURGEON all the way - great picking Darren. Didn't know about the nickname (Sneaky Pete), but I like it. Great show boys, keep 'em coming.