Thursday, January 22, 2009

Episode 17 - Were you a pinny player?

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

Thanks for watching. If you are up for a beer bet shoot me an email or hit me up on Twitter. What do you remember from your first live NHL game experience, leave your story below.


06/07 Jordan Staal Upper Deck Young Guns Rookie Card

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The Box Score From My First Game


  1. I will get the ball rolling here. As mentioned my first game was in Maple Leaf Gardens in 1995. My brother Ian and I went to see Anaheim come play our Leafs. I think we got the tickets for out birthdays, and we took the Go Train into Toronto from Burlington.

    From Union Station we walked alllll the way up to The Gardens. We really had no idea how far away it was and just figured that it would be close. WRONG. I remember the walk taking forever, checking google maps now it is about 2.5km or a 30 min walk away. We kept telling ourselves that “it must be just up here…” 30 minutes is a long ass time when you think it’s a 5 minute walk :)

    I don’t remember much about the game but I do remember watching the score board of the Montreal vs. Detroit game tick away. Who knew that night was so important for Montreal and Colorado?

    Here is the boxscore from the game...

  2. Hey this is Dink from work...I can't access my google acount so I will show up as anonymous.

    Momesso was in the lineup for your 1st game. I forgot he played for the Leafs for about 10 minutes...and they gave up Ridley to get him. BOOOO!

    I think I am half juiced in this episode :)

  3. Wow, I just went back and watched the first epi! What a've come a long way.
    Can't believe Hubie McDonough came up. He's from the same hometown as me (Manchester, NH). I remember watching him when we were kids. I think he owns every scoring record up through HS in NH. Now he's the director of hockey operations for the Manchester Monarchs, farm team for the KIngs in the AHL.
    Keep on rockin' boys

  4. Awesome show.. you guys are three sheets to the wind!!!

    Justin, is that your wife in the back ground...? Need to get her on too...

    Also, nice ending, which was actually the beginning...

    QOTD: First game.. the Fabulous Forum, Inglewood, Ca.. sometime in the 1972 season... Kings v Bruins... my Pepere was in from NH.. with my Dad as well.. remember Orr... can't remember the score, we lost, of course...

  5. Justin... get your memory checked! That walk from Union to the Gardens was with me! Not Ian... unless you did it twice in which case you should have remembered how far it was!

    Maybe this will help... Rangers vs. Leafs, we got the tickets last minute, dad drove us to the GO station, WAlKED to the Gardens... Darby stick! Subway back afterwards...

    I love the show... don't know what I was starring at half the time,

    Always fun, can't wait for the next one.

  6. Hmmm I must have done it twice then.

    I totally remember getting the singed game used Hendrickson stick and you spotting me some cash for it. Which I don't think I have paid you back for.

    I dunno, I recall the sudway back for sure...

    Been drinking, should stop typing now.

  7. My first NHL hockey game was in 1981 at the Gardens. The Leafs played the Blackhawks and I sat with my Scout Troop in the last row of the Grays. I remember hitting the back wall with my hand saying that we couldn't get any higher than this. I also remember Don Cherry coming out into my section and getting swarmed with kids. I got my program signed by him.

    Who would want a card of any player wearing a pinny? Verner must be embarassed. At least give him an Upper Deck jersey.

  8. Hmm... can't pin down the first game specifically but it would have been around 1982 or 1983 (I was 7 or 8) at the Winnipeg Arena... obviously Jets and someone. It seems to me it might have been 1982, as I think Dave Christian was the captain. From Miracle on Ice to the Winnipeg Jets... OUCH. (Interestingly enough, I guess, I remember going on hockey road trips as a kid to play in Warroad, Minneota, Dave's hometown, where his dad and uncle had their Christian hockey stick company).

    Anyhow, it was probably Jets and Oilers or Blackhawks...

  9. Haven't seen to many NHL games being from Atlantic Canada, but I do remember my first game was in the playoffs - 94' Conference Semi finals... I think. Rangers vs the Caps in Washington. And for some reason out of all of that I remember Brian Noonan for the Rangers. Not sure why, but I do. The Rangers won the cup that year and Messier went on the guarantee victory agains the Devils.

  10. You should have like on a laptop beside you or something, that could really help out when the bums appear especially in the older packs. They of on playing in the most odd places.

    Other than that i think that Brian Sakic was with Joe on that was it the Burnaby Express when the bus accident killed four of their players.

    Peter Svobody scored the 1-0 winner in the 1998 olympic game final.

  11. I think Pavel Bure is the best player to have worn number 10. It's to bad that a lot of great players don't get the career stats they deserve because of injuries. Players like Bure, Lemieux and Forsberg. I really hope Bure and Forsberg get inducted some day. Bure actually got a better goals/game than Gretzky and Hull. And Lemieux "only" played 915 games.