Thursday, February 19, 2009

Episode 22 - With Darrin Away the Brothers Will Play

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

National Hockey Card Day is just around the corner so my brother Ryan came up to do a special guest hosting spot to talk about some old cards we collected over the years. For all you faithful Darrin (Dink) lovers don't worry he will be back next week with bells on :)


88/89 OPC Brendan Shanahan Rookie Card

More about Upper Deck's National Hockey Card Day Feb 21st!!


  1. Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed this special show with my brother. It is something I have wanted to do for a few months now and it finally happened.

    If this is you first time seeing the show, have no fear Darrin will be back in full effect next week with are regularly scheduled drinking and banter.

    Stupid Richards...stupid Pitkanen...almost made it the whole episode ;)

    Cheers guys!


  2. Thanks for the shout out boys.

    You guys look like you are 3 sheets to the wind :)

    I will not comment TOO MUCH on what you might have missed as I now know how tough it is when you don't know who is coming and you have a few seconds to think of something. I will say this:
    The sight of the great Scott Neidermayer should irk Leafs fans to the end of all time considering he should have been drafted by them.
    Trading their '91 first round pick to the Devils in '89 for Tom Kurvers ewwww. Another terrible Leaf move! :)

    Keep those cards away from the dog LOL!

  3. I'm liking the guest appearance by your bro. I especially like how the cards got better and the beer got worse. Keep up the great work, guys.

  4. Justin, was your first pack of cards on this episode filled only with players that no longer play for their 07-08 team? Frickin' crazy.

    Not sure how I feel about the "fabric card" inserts.
    I remember that Oshawa Generals Lindros card, I think I may have mowed a few lawns to pay for that one.


  5. Good show boys.....I would have switched up your 3 stars Justin and put Derek Roy as your #2. Nice shout out to the road trip to Buffalo for the Sabres/Pens game. That was your b-day present to me back in '06. Andy MacDonald is now playing for the St.Louis Blues...eewwww! You forgot to mention that I also have Mike Richards in the! Great show though, loved seeing the old cards, made me go back and look at some of mine.

  6. Hey Brother, what's up with all the slammin' of the toploaders? Those RC:s may not have much value but dont you want them to survive as long as possible?
    Justin did throw the jerseycard as well. Dont do that, for anyones sake.

    Good episode though.

  7. Loved this show... your Bro is CLASSIC... have him and Dink on together, with a little alcohol... what a show THAT would be...

    Those were really nice cards... you guys should take care of them and get them graded by PSA or the Canadian equivelent...

    Great job!!!

  8. Jay - Ya I think I may have to actually get a binder and some pages to put these bad boys in. The old school cards are worth pennies but just looking at these new ones makes me want to be more responsible LOL

    Wont be throwing them nearly as much as the old school ones.

    Thanks for the props to my bro, he was pretty nervous doing it and I agree that a show with Darrin, Ryan and myself would be hilarious :)

    Thanks for checking it out,


  9. You guys are definitely rooting for the underdogs :-) The old bicycle spokes, that's where all my cards went. :-)

    Fun to see the bros in action.

  10. Nice show boys, you did well without Dink (but I can't help but miss him ;)) Like the cards too - the old ones and the new ones!

  11. Ahhh thanks Diana! Glad someone is showing the love :)

  12. Really great to show us your favorite cards. And get some personal background info. Hope to see more of your collections. Dinks too!

    This is my collection:

    If anyone who's watching is a Bure fan like me.