Thursday, May 21, 2009

Episode 34 - Card Barn

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

The giveaway/contest is over! Congrats to Jim Wadden for getting all 3 questions correct.. If you have a good bet idea for Darrin and I send it over or leave it in the comments. You can now see all the cards from this and future episodes here, and leave your own stories. For more details on The Molson Canadian Beard-Off, check out this video.

Thanks for watching!

08/09 Evgeni Malkin & Henrik Zetterberg SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Duo card


  1. Justin, were you keeping Dink awake...? Dink, have some Red Bull or something, will ya...? ;-)

    For the BET, if Dink loses, MAKE him grow a beard for 30 days...
    For Justin (since you're already down 2-0), how about a Jager-Bomb?

  2. I think Dink's duds mad him sad LOL

    I don't think Darrin can grow a beard, he's a pretty boy ;) The Jager-Bomb would work....mmm Jager....

    I think if the Hawks can come back from 2 down then Darrin should be doing something pretty incredible, maybe wrestle a bear or something.