Thursday, July 23, 2009

Episode 38 - Marbe Mouth

234x60 - 100% Authentic (Animated)

We are back for a quick summer show, this was filmed right after our last show...Darrin is in fine form. You can now see all the cards from this and future episodes here, and leave your own stories. Hope to have another show out soon, thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for watching!

05/06 Maxime Talbot Hot Signed #'d Prospects Rookie Patch Card


  1. First... and thanks for the HOCKEY... too much baseball right now...

    Too funny... a WAY too many shots...

    Yes, Steve Do-kez-knee was with the King 5-6 years... went to the Flyers as part of the deal that brought us Kurri... ended his career with the Wings and a Cup (01-02?)...

    Keep it going... shoot another 1 or 2 before the Summer is over...


  2. Thanks Jay.

    I think is my favorite episode to date, and it's all due to Dink.

    It's like watching a night out of drinking crammed into a 30 min after school special.

    You have your calm no big deal moment at the start of the show, then fast forward to mid night/show where Dink goes on a burst of energy rant about Turgeon, followed up by a "don't give a shit" nearly pass out end of night/show.

    Add in there some random comments about picking baseball scabs, giving his son a show in his bed, and of course calling Hasek a douche bag.

    Classic stuff Dink, simply classic.

    Thanks for the checking out the show all, more to come real soon.


  3. Good 'ole Sean Burke. I believe he qualified for AARP in his year with the Kings.

    Loved Dink just degenerating though the show. Hilarious stuff. Nice work, as always!


  4. In fine form is right, loved the fast-talker bit. Ummm, Turgeon should have been your number one Darrin, but then I saw the Red Wing as #2 and you redeemd it all with Hasek as #1. Love them Sabres. Justin, you KNOW that you're cool, whatever FB says. Thanks for this refresher guys!